JACOB VAN HEEMSKERCK class air defence frigate (FFG)

HNLMS JACOB VAN HEEMSKERCK (F812) and HNLMS WITTE DE WITH (F 813) make up the JACOB VAN HEEMSKERCK class of AAW frigates in the Dutch Navy. WITTE DE WITH was at HMC Dockyard in Halifax, NS, on May 29, 1997, and JACOB VAN HEEMSKERCK was at HMC Dockyard during the summer of 1998 during MARCOT '98. This class of ship is based on the KORTENAER  class of frigates, but with a Mk.13 launcher for SM-1 SAMs replacing the helicopter hangar.

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The starboard bridge wing of WITTE DE WITH. Above and to the left the forward Signaal STIR 240 is visible, with the navigation radar to the right. 
Port midships of WITTE DE WITH. From far right to left, the Mk.13 Mod 1 launcher for SM-1MR missile (a blue training missile in place), the aft Signaal STIR 240, and the black Signaal LW 08 air dearch radar. Below and slightly to the left of the LW 08 can be seen the Loral Hycor SRBOC 6-barreled Mk.36 (one of two on board). PNS VASCO DE GAMA can be seen in the background. S
WITTE DE WITH with VASCO DE GAMA to starboard. Just behind DE WITH's flag, the Signaal SGE-30 Goalkeeper CIWS is visible. 
The LW 08 air search radar. 

A head on view of JACOB VAN HEEMSKERCK. 
This shot was taken at the very stern, looking forward. At top left is the Goalkeeper 30mm CIWS gun, with the Mk.13 launcher for SM-1 missiles visible behind it. Above the launcher is the aft STIR 240, and the LW 08 long range air search radar behind it.
A nice profile shot, looking on the aft starboard quarter. 
This shot was taken from the wharf looking on the foreward port quarter.
Looking aft from the bow, this shot looks right back at the Mk.29 octuple Sea Sparrow launcher. Above the bridge is first the forward STIR 240, with the STIR 180 (for Sea Sparrow) immediately behind and above it. The SMART 3D air/surface search radar is at the top of the mast, and the ZW 06 surface search radar is above the bridge to the right (port side) of the mast.
This shot looks up the mast. The starboard Harpoon launcher is visible here at the bottom right.

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