FGS KÖLN (F 211) is one of the eight members of the German Navy's BREMEN (Type 122) class of frigates. She was at HMC Dockyard in Halifax, NS, on May 29, 1997.

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Then hangar and helicopter deck on KÖLN. Note the two 21-cell RAM (Rolling Airframe Missile) CIWS launchers on the aft end of the hangar. Just visible in the background are the USS STARK and HMCS WINNIPEG. Sandy McClearn photo.
The aft end of KÖLN's bridge superstructure. Harpoon launchers are visible in the forground, and there is a gun visible on the aft end of the port bridge wing. A WM 25 director is visible atop the mast, with a Signaal STIR in the background. Sandy McClearn photo. 
The forward deck of KÖLN. To right is the Mk.29 octuple NATO Sea Sparrow SAM launcher, while the OTO Melara 76mm/62 Mk.75 run can be seen to the left. In the background are the USS STARK, and HMCS WHITEHORSE. Sandy McClearn photo.
The bridge. Navigation radar at left, Signaal STIR centre, Signaal WM 25 director on the short mast between the STIR and the lattice mast in the background. Sandy McClearn photo.
KÖLN's Signaal DA 08 air/surface search radar, on a mast supported by the forward end of the hangar. Sandy McClearn photo.
Looking aft from the bow at the gun and Sea Sparrow launcher. Sandy McClearn photo.
The forward end of the hangar. At bottom right are a small winch and bollard, to left (jutting out of the hagar) is a twin Mk.32 torpedo tube. Just visible at the top of the ladder is a Loyal Hycor SRBOC (Super Rapid Blooming Overboard Chaff) 6-barreled Mk.36. The DA 08 mast is visible top right. Sandy McClearn photo.
KÖLN is rafted up outside HMS LONDON. Sandy McClearn photo.
KÖLN and LONDON again. Sandy McClearn photo.

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