FRANKENTHAL (Type 332) class minehunter (MHC)

FGS DATTELN (M1068) is one of the FRANKENTHAL class of minehunters serving with the German Navy. DATTELN was alongside HMC Dockyard in Halifax during the summer of 1998 during MARCOT '98.

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A profile shot of DATTELN. This class of ship does not have a funnel, and the exhaust is along the hull. The hull is painted black aft of the bridge superstructure so that the exhaust gases do not show up as black streaks on the paint. 
A shot of the aft port quarter.
Looking aft to the bridge on the foredeck. The 40mm Bofors gun is in the foreground. 
The bridge on DATTELN. The helm station is to the left, and the crewmember monitoring the radar would be in the left seat. 
The FRANKENTHAL class carries two Pinguin B3 ROVs, used for minehunting. 
This shot is of the quarterdeck on DATTELN. The hydraulic crane in the centre is used to move the ROVs in and out of the water. The two ROVs can be run on tracks in and out of the twin hangars that house them. 

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