BRANDENBURG (F123) class multi-purpose frigate (FFH)

FGS BRANDENBURG (F 215) is the first of the German Navy's new F123 class of frigates. She was at Pier 21 in Halifax, NS, on June 8, 1997. FGS BAYERN (F 217), the third ship of the class, was at the HMC Dockyard during the summer of 1998.

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Port bow of BRANDENBURG. From left to right: the 76mm OTO Melara gun, the 21 cell RAM (Rolling Airframe Missile) launcher, and the Mk.41 VLS for Sea Sparrow (just before the bridge). 
At centre is the Signaal STIR 180 target illuminator, while a Signaal SMART 3D air/surface search radar sits atop the mast. 
Port aft view of BRANDENBURG, with HMCS FREDERICTON in the background. The large radar visible in this shot is the Signaal LW 08, while just aft of that is another STIR 180 and another RAM 21 cell launcher. Also note the twin hangar for 2 Sea Lynx Mk.88 helos. 
A close-up of the forward 21 cell RAM launcher. 
Looking aft along the port side of the ship. Visible top left is 2 of 4 MM 38 Exocet launchers. Just aft of the gangway can be seen the freeboard cut-out where the twin Mk.32 torpedo tubes are located. 
Looking forward along the port side. 

Looking aft from the bow on BAYERN. The 76mm OTO Melara gun is in the foreground. 
Mounted on a platform just in front of the bridge, this is the Mk.41 VLS system for VL Sea Sparrow. 
Looking forward and to port on the bridge.
Looking forward and to starboard on the bridge.
Looking aft on the starboard side of the bridge. In the foreground is the chart table, which uses a light underneath the chart to illuminate the position on the chart where the ship is.
Mounted on the port bridge wing is a 20mm Rheinmetal gun. There is another like it on the starboard side.
The launch tubes for the MM 38 Exocet missiles.
Looking aft along the port side. The port hydraulic crane is visible in the background.
Looking forward along the port side. The Exocet launchers are visible just behind the mast, and there is a SATCOM antenna just to the left and below the mast.
The twin funnels on BAYERN, with the crane just to the left.
Looking out of the starboard hangar, onto the flight deck.
Looking forward from the flight deck. On top of the hangar, left to right, are the 21 cell RAM launcher, STIR 180 fire control radar, and LW 08 long range air search radar.
Taken from above, this is the flight deck on BAYERN. One of two Sea Lynx Mk.88 is visible, with a Mk.46 torpedo to the right. The Mk.46 can be carried by the helicopter.


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