IROQUOIS class air defence destroyer (DDH)

The IROQUOIS class ships were launched in the early to mid 1970's as ASW destroyers with self defence capability against airborne targets. In the late 1980's, they were rebuilt to include a VLS launcher for Standard SM-2 (MR) missiles, among other improvements. The pictures shown here were taken between 1996 and 1999.

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IROQUOIS enters Rotterdam Harbour in November of 1999. The dome seen on the forward corner of the hangar, beside the funnel, is a new satellite communications antenna, and was added during 1999 to the class.  Photo courtesy of Piet Sinke.
A view of IROQUOIS' aft starboard quarter. Photo courtesy of Piet Sinke.
ATHABASKAN is shown here tied up at the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic in Halifax, NS. She was open to the public for Canada Day in July of 1996. There was originally a door over the anchor port, but this was later removed.
A head-on view of ATHABASKAN. The two Signaal STIR radar illuminators can be seen to either side of the mast, just above the bridge.
Looking at the bow of ATHABASKAN from the port bridge wing. The 29 cell Mk.41 VLS, for Standard SM-2 (MR) missiles, can be seen just ahead of the gun platform.
This is the OTO Melara 76mm Super-Rapide gun, which can fire up to 180 rounds per minute.
A view of ATHABASKAN from starboard aft. The triple Mk.32 torpedo launcher can just be seen under the helicopter deck, on the quarterdeck.
The Mk.32 triple torpedo launcher.
The pressure vessel and launching and recovery gear for the SQS 510 variable depth sonar (VDS).
A Sea King helicopter sits on ATHABASKAN's helicopter deck. The INMARSAT communications antenna, a white dome, can be seen just aft of the Sea King.
Another view from aft of ATHABASKAN. The Phalanx 20mm CIWS can be seen above the hangar.
This is the aft end of the bridge superstructure. The new funnel can be seen to the right of this photo. To the left, just above the bridge, the port STIR is visible, and just to the right of that the LW 08 air search antenna is on its platform. Near the top of the mast is the DA 08 air/surface search radar antenna.
A view of the helicopter deck and dual hangar on ATHABASKAN. The IROQUOIS class can carry two Sea King helicopters, and each hangar has its own Beartrap helicopter haul-down system.
A Sea King attached to the Beartrap device, seen just under the helicopter.
This is the transom on IROQUOIS during the summer of 1997. The operator's hut for the SQS 510 gear can be seen as two glass windows just to the left of the VDS sonar. The two ports on the right are for the Nixie towed torpedo decoy system.

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