HALIFAX class patrol frigate (FFH)

The HALIFAX class ships are the newest ships in the Canadian Navy, and they started entering service in the early 1990's. The pictures shown here were taken between 1996 and 1998 on various ships of the class, in Halifax Harbour.

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HMCS MONTREAL leaves Halifax Harbour in April of 1998.
HMCS MONTREAL again, this time from the aft starboard quarter. In her transom are three ports, the two on the port side for the Nixie torpedo decoy, and the starboard for the CANadian Towed Array Sonar System (CANTASS).
MONTREAL's bow. The jackstaff is seen at the right, and the 57mm Bofors gun is just to the left of the crew members in yellow. The STIR illuminator can also be seen just above the bridge windows.
The midships area of MONTREAL just ahead of the funnel. The lattice mast for the SPS 49 air search radar can be seen in the top right of the photo, and MONTREAL's call sign can be seen just aft of it. The barber pole stripes signify that MONTREAL is a member of the 5th Escort Group. Just above the stripes is the mast and the diesel exhaust funnels, while just below is the SATCOM antenna.
Near the top of the mast, shown here on ST. JOHN'S, is the Ericson Sea Giraffe radar. The gimbals upon which it is mounted can be plainly seen.
This was taken on the starboard bridge wing of MONTREAL, looking aft. The call sign can be seen painted on the bulkhead, with the SATCOM antenna just aft. The starboard searchlight can be seen to the left, with the shrouded Plessy SHIELD decoy launchers just aft of it.
The starboard bridge wing again, looking forward.
The forward STIR antenna.
The SPS 49 air search radar antenna, mounted over and just aft of the bridge.
The mast on HALIFAX, with the two port whip antennas just aft of it.
Looking along the port side of HALIFAX. Alongside the funnel are the port Mk.48 VLS for Sea Sparrow missiles, with the port Harpoon launcher just aft of it. The aft STIR is visible on the top of the hangar.
Another view of the Mk.48 VLS and the Harpoon launcher.
Looking aft along the port side of HALIFAX. The open hatch leads into a passageway that exits back onto the deck just below the mast. Inside this passageway is the forward airlock into the enclosed citadel which protects the crew from nuclear fallout, or chemical and biological warfare.
Looking forward along HALIFAX's port side. The aft end of the passageway through the superstructure leading to the airlock can be seen, as well as the two port whip communications antennas. The port antennas are rather larger than those on the starboard side. 
The forward half of ST. JOHN'S.
A head-on view of ST. JOHN'S.
The Harpoon launchers can be seen on the left side of this photo, and the Mk.32 twin torpedo tubes can be seen protruding from the forward corner of the hangar in this photo of the port side of HALIFAX. The aft STIR can be seen atop the hangar, and some liferafts can be seen in the upper right of the photo.
Two Harpoon tubes in the foreground with the Mk.48 Sea Sparrow VLS in the background. MONTREAL can carry up to four Harpoon tubes in this position, and another four on the starboard side.
The port twin Mk.32 torpedo launcher poking out of the forward corner of the hangar.
The helicopter deck and hangar on MONTREAL. The tracks for the Beartrap helicopter haul-down system can be seen running into the hangar. 
The Bofors 57mm Mk.2 rapid fire gun, which can fire up to 220 rounds per minute.
The two port side Plessy SHIELD decoy launchers.
An airdroppable Mk.46 ASW torpedo.
A view of MONTREAL's bow looking from the starboard bridge wing.
A view behind the open cover of the 57mm gun.
Two shells for the 57mm gun.
The view from the bow looking aft. 
Looking to port from the starboard side of the bridge. 

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