BNS WESTDIEP (F 911) is one of three WIELINGEN (E-71) class of ASW frigates serving the Belgian Navy. WESTDIEP was at HMC Dockyard in Halifax, NS, on March 27, 1997.

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The starboard bow of BNS WESTDIEP. The fire control director on the mast is a Signaal WM 25. Two frigates of the Dutch KAREL DOORMAN class are rafted up in the background. Sandy McClearn photo.
Looking forward along WESTDIEP's starboard stern. Atop the aft superstructure are two twin Exocet MM 38 launchers. Visible between the Exocets and the funnel is a small enclosed mast, on which sits a Signaal DA 05 air/surface search radar. At left is the Sea Sparrow launcher. Sandy McClearn photo.
Looking forward from the starboard bridge wing; at left is a Creusot Loire 375mm 6-barrelled ASW mortar, while forward of this is a Creusot Loire gun. Sandy McClearn photo.
The Creusot Loire 3.9"/55 Mod 68 gun. Sandy McClearn photo.
WESTDIEP's primary air defence, a Raytheon Sea Sparrow Mk.29 octuple launcher. Sandy McClearn photo.
WESTDIEP is rafted outside the Dutch AAW frigate TROMP (F 801). Sandy McClearn photo.
WESTDIEP and TROMP again. Sandy McClearn photo.

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