USS Hubbard During WWII

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[Back] In 1945 Hubbard entered a Brooklyn shipyard for conversion to a fast transport, designated APD 53. These photo illustrate many of the changes made during the conversion: a 5"/38cal gun with enclosed gunhouse was fitted forward in place of the original 3" guns, the bridge was modified, and nearly everything aft of the bridge was rebuilt. A full-width deckhouse provided additional space for troops and their equipment, large davits and landing craft were added, and a new mast and cargo boom were installed. In this configuration she was well-suited for landing small raiding parties and their equipment, or for supporting larger amphibious assaults. However, the atomic bombs rendered Hubbard's services unnecessary, as Japan surrendered on 15 August 1945, the day after Hubbard's conversion was completed. [Next]

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