From: Dictionary of American Fighting Ships


A clan or subdivision of the Ponca Indian tribe.

(YTB - 518: dp. 325; l. 100'; b. 25'; dr. 9'7")

Hisada (YTB-518), a diesel-powered tug, was launched by Gibbs Gas Engine Co., Jacksonville, Fla., 6 April 1945; sponsored by Lt. (j.g.) Sarah Davis; and placed in service 2 August 1945.

Hisada served as a tug with the Pacific Fleet until being placed in reserve in the 14th Naval District 28 July 1947. In November 1947 she was brought out of reserve and assigned to Service Squadron 3 in the Far East, where she helped keep America's naval forces in that critical area at peak efficiency. In 1950 she was assigned to Yokosuka Naval Base, Japan, where she continues to perform harbor duties into 1967. Hisada was reclassified YTM-518 on 1 February 1962.

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