From:  Dictionary of American Naval Fighting Ships





An old Indian village in northern Florida.

YTB-391: dp. 237; l. 100'; b. 25'; dr. 9'7"; s. 12 k.


Itara (YTB-391), originally classified YT-391, was launched by Consolidated Shiphuilding Co., Morris Heights, N.Y., as YTB-391, 6 September 1944; and placed in service 30 December 1944.


Assigned to the 6th Naval District at Norfolk, Itara served as a harbor tug at the Navy's giant Hampton Roads base throughout the war.  After 1945 she continued on duty at Norfolk, one of the hundreds of yard craft necessary to the smooth functioning of the Navy in the cold war.  She was reclassified YTM-391 on 1 February 1962.  Itara continued to serve at Norfolk through 1966 into 1967.

Transcribed by:  Bill Mozingo,