From:  Dictionary of American Naval Fighting Ships






A Penobscot chief in Maine, 1630.  He was a determined foe whose treatment of prisoners was humane.

YT-180: dp. 260; l. 101'; b. 28'; dr. 11'; s. 12 k.;,cpl. 14; a. none; cl. Woban


Madokawando (YT-180) was laid down by Gibbs Gas Engine Co., Jacksonville, Fla., in August 1942; launched in January 1943; completed 12 June 1943; and delivered to the Navy for assignment to the 1st Naval District.


Reclassified YTB-180 on 15 May 1944, she served much of the remainder of the war performing harbor towing duties in the 12th Naval District. In February 1962 she was reclassified YTM-180; and, at present, she operates at San Francisco in an active in service status.

Transcribed by:  Bill Mozingo,