From:  Dictionary of American Naval Fighting Ships





A man who fought with deadly weapons, as in the amphitheater, for popular amusement.  Hence, one who engages in any kind of spirited contest.

Tug: t. 67; l. 76'1"; b. 19'4"; dr. 7'4"


The first Gladiator was built in 1876 at St. Mary's, Gal, chartered from the Wilmington Towing Co., Wilmington, N.C., commissioned 19 April 1918; and assigned to the 5th Naval District.  On 20 August 1918 tug Emily B. owned by the same company, was substituted for Gladiator, and on 20 December 1918 Gladiator decommissioned and was returned to her owners.

Transcribed by:  Bill Mozingo,