From: Dictionary of American Naval Fighting Ships


An Indian tribe now resident in Oklahoma.


Tug: dp. 100 l. 77'2" b. 18'

dr. 8' s. 10 k.

The second Chickasaw, a tug, was built in 1882 by John H. Dialogue, Camden, N.J., as Hercules; purchased by the Navy 25 June 1898; and placed in commission briefly for service during the Spanish-American War, operating from Port Royal and Charleston, S.C.

Decommissioned 26 August 1898, Chickasaw was placed in ordinary for repairs, then in April 1900 was ordered to New York Navy Yard for use as a harbor tug and tender for the receiving ship Vermont. From 1908 she served as a harbor tug at Newport and remained there until 1913 when she returned to New York and was sold.

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