From: Dictionary of American Naval Fighting Ships


A flower of the clove pink family.

ScTug: t. 82 l. 73'6" b. 17'6"

dr. 7'6" s. 10 k. cpl. 19 a. 1 x 20-pdr. r.,

1 12-pdr. r.

 Carnation was built in 1863 by Neafie and Levy, Philadelphia, Pa., as Ajax; purchased by the Navy and renamed Carnation 24 August 1863; commissioned 20 October 1863, Acting Ensign W. Boyd in command; and reported to the South Atlantic Blockading Squadron.

Carnation arrived on station off Charleston, S.C., 6 November 1863. Serving the squadron in its effective work of preventing overseas supplies from reaching the Confederacy, Carnation ferried men and supplies, and performed picket duty. She served in the South Carolina area until 27 July 1865, when she sailed for Philadelphia.

Carnation was decommissioned 8 July 1865, and sold 10 August 1865.

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