From: Dictionary of American Naval Fighting Ships


An archaic spelling of camellia, an eastern tropical flowering shrub.

ScTug: t. 198 l. 111' b. 19'6"

dr. 10'6" s. 10 k. cpl. 40 a. 2 x 20-pdr. r.

Camelia , a screw tug, was built in 1862 at New York as Governor; purchased there 17 September 1863; and commissioned 28 November 1863 with Acting Ensign R. W. Parker assuming command the next day.

From 21 January 1864 to 1 July 1865, Camelia served with the South Atlantic Blockading Squadron off Charleston, S.C., and at Port Royal, S.C. In addition to playing a part in the blockade which kept critically needed war materials and civilian commodities from entering the Confederacy, Camelia contributed officers and men to the naval brigade which carried out successful operations ashore in the Broad River area of South Carolina in November and December 1864. Returning to New York, the tug was sold there 15 August 1865.

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