(Submarine No. 92: dp. 569 (surf.), 680 (subm.); l. 186'2"; b. 18'; dr. 14'6"; s. 13.5 k. (surf.), 10.5 k. (subm.); cpl. 29; a. 1 3", 4 21" tt.; cl. R-1)

R-15 was laid down by the Union Iron Works, San Francisco Calif., 30 April 1917; launched 12 October 1918; sponsore] by Mrs. Thales S. Boyd; and commissioned 27 July 1918, Lt. Thales S. Boyd in command.

Following shakedown, R-15 conducted operations in waters adjacent to the Canal Zone. Based at Balboa through December 1918, she returned to California in January 1919; operated between San Pedro and San Diego until March; then proceeded to Mare Island for overhaul prior to her transfer to Pearl Harbor. Arriving there on 25 June, R-15 was designated SS-92 in July 1920. She remained in Hawaiian waters, participating in the development of submarine warfare tactics until 12 December 1930, when she got underway for the east coast and inactivation.

Decommissioned at Philadelphia 7 May 1931, R-15 remained in the Reserve Fleet until ordered to New London for activation in the summer of 1940. Arriving in the Thames River 9 September, she recommissioned 1 April, and in June sailed south for duty in the Canal Zone. For the next 3 months she operated with SubRon 3. On 3 October she got underway for New London, arriving on the 23d and reporting for duty in SubRon 7.


Patrol duties off the coast followed the entry of the United States into World War II. In February 1942 she again sailed south. In early March she patrolled in the Virgin Islands area then shifted to training and patrol duties out of Trinidad. Relieved in early August, R-15 returned to the Virgin Islands thence continued on to Bermuda and with the fall, back to New London.

In December, R-15 returned to the Caribbean and operated out of Guantanamo Bay. Further training duties in waters adjacent to the Virgin Islands and off Bermuda followed, and in April 1944 she returned to New London. Following 10 months of operating out of New London, R-15 returned to the Bermuda area on 14 December. For the remainder of the war she operated off the Florida coast and from 1 March to 17 June 1945, from Guantanamo Bay. On 2 September she put into Key West to complete her last tour.

R-15 was decommissioned 17 September 1945, struck from the Navy list 11 October 1945, and sold the same month to Macey O. Scott, Miami, Fla.