From: Dictionary of American Naval Fighting Ships


A trigger fish found in the Atlantic.

SS - 345: dp. 1,526 l. 311'9" b. 27'3"

dr. 16'10' s. 20 k. cpl. 66 a. 1 x 5", 10 x 21" tt.

cl. Gato

Cochino (SS-345) was launched 20 April 1945 by Electric Boat Co., Groton, Conn.; sponsored by Mrs. M. E. Serat; and commissioned 25 August 1945, Commander W. A. Stevenson in command.

Cochino joined the Atlantic Fleet, cruising east coast and Caribbean waters from her home port, Key West, Fla. On 18 July 1949, she put to sea for a cruise to Britain, and arctic operations. Her group ran through a violent polar gale off Norway, and the joltings received by Cochino played their part in causing an electrical fire and battery explosion, followed by the generation of deadly hydrogen [chlorine] on 25 August. Defying the most unfavorable possible weather conditions, men of Cochino and Tusk (SS-426) fought to save the submarine for 14 hours, performing acts of skillful seamanship and high courage. But a second battery explosion on 26 August made "Abandon Ship" the only possible order, and Cochino sank on 71°35' N., 23°35' E. All Cochino 's men were rescued by the valiant Tusk who had lost seven of her own men in the attempt to save Cochino .

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