Bass is an edible, spiny-finned fish.

(SF-5: dp. 2000; l. 341' 6"; b. 27' 7"; dr. 16' 11"; s. 18.7 k.; cpl. 66; a. 1 3", 6 21" TT.; cl. B)

The first Bass (SF-5) was launched as V-2, 27 December 1924 by Portsmouth Navy Yard, sponsored by Mrs. Douglas E. Dismukes, wife of Captain Dismukes, and commissioned 26 September 1925, Lieutenant Commander G. A. Rood in command.

V-2 was assigned to Submarine Division 20 and cruised along the Atlantic coast and in the Caribbean through November 1927 when the Division sailed for San Diego arriving 3 December 1927. V-2 operated with the fleet on the west coast, in the Hawaiian Islands, and in the Caribbean until December 1932. V-2 was renamed Bass 9 March 1931 and in April was assigned to Division 12. On 1 July 1931 her designation was changed from SF-5 to SS-164. On 2 January 1933 she was assigned to Rot ating Reserve Submarine Division 15, San Diego. Bass rejoined the fleet again in July 1933 and cruised along the west coast, in the Canal Zone, and in the Hawaiian Islands until January 1937. She then departed the west coast and arrived at Philadel phia 18 February 1937 where she went out of commission in reserve 9 June.

Bass was recommissioned at Portsmouth, N. H., 5 September 1940 and assigned to Submarine Division 9 Atlantic Fleet. Between February and November 194i she operated along the New England coast and made two trips to St. Georges, Bermuda. She arrived at Coco Solo, C. Z., 24 November and was on duty there when hostilities broke out with Japan.

During 1942 Bass was attached to Submarine Division 31, Squadron 3, Atlantic Fleet. Between March and August, while based at Coco Solo, she made four war


patrols in the Pacific, off Balboa. On 17 August 1942, while at sea, a fire broke out in the after battery room and quickly spread to the after torpedo room and starboard main motor, resulting in the death of 25 enlisted men by asphyxiation. The following day Antaeus (AS-21) arrived to assist the submarine and escorted her into the Gulf of Dulce, Costa Rica. Both vessels then proceeded to Balboa.

Bass remained In the Canal Zone until October 1942 when she departed for Philadelphia, arriving on the 19th. After undergoing repairs at Philadelphia Navy Yard Bass proceeded to New London, Conn., where she conducted secret experiments off B lock Island in December 1943. She was again in Philadelphia Yard for repairs from January to March 1944. During the remainder of the year she was attached to Submarine Squadron 1, Atlantic Fleet, and operated out of New London in the area between Long Isl and and Block Island. Bass was decommissioned at the Submarine Base New London 3 March 1945 and "destroyed" 12 March 1945.