From: Dictionary of American Fighting Ships

J. Reynor & Son

A former name retained.

(SP - 869: t. 29; l. 64'; b. 14'; dr. 4'; s. 14 k.)

J. Reynor & Son (SP-869), a motor boat, was built in 1916 by W. F. Dunn, Norfolk, Va., and purchased by the Navy from her owner, J. Reynor & Son, in January 1918. She commissioned 11 January 1918, Chief Machinist's Mate M. L. Wilson in command.

J. Reynor & Son was assigned to the 5th Naval District, and turned over to the Treasury Department for use by the Collector of Customs, Norfolk. On this duty she cruised Hampton Roads and surrounding waters. The boat was returned to the Navy and loaned to the American Red Cross 19 August 1919 for use at the National Soldiers' Home. Returned once more 16 March 1920, J. Reynor & Son was turned over to the War Department, Corps of Engineers, 20 April 1920.

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