From: Dictionary of American Fighting Ships

Herman Frasch

A former name retained.

(No. 1617: dp. 9,000; l. 345'; b. 48'4"; dr. 25'3"; s 11 k.; cpl. 89)

Herman Frasch (No. 1617) a service collier, was built by Fore River Shipbuilding Co., Quincy, Mass., in 1910. She was owned by Union Sulpher Co., prior to her duty in the Army Transport Service. Herman Frasch was taken over and manned by the Navy on a bare boat basis 19 September 1918, and assigned to the home port of New York. On 4 October 1918 after completing only 2 weeks of service in the Navy, Herman Frasch, carrying cargo and a crew of 89 men, collided with the tanker George G. Henry shortly after midnight. The collision took place about 150 miles southeast of the Nova Scotia coast. The impact was so fierce that Herman Frasch went under in 7 minutes. George G. Henry stood by all night rescuing survivors from life rafts scattered among the debris. When daylight came she abandoned her search after 65 men had been rescued.

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