From The Dictionary of American Naval Fighting Ships


Former name retained (No. 344). A fish found in the Red Sea, the Mediterranean,
and the eastern Atlantic as far north as the British Isles (SS-527).

AM:        l. 143'                 b. 22'6" dr. 13'5"              s. 11k
cpl. 27                 a. 1 x 6-pdr., 1 x 3-pdr.

Comber (No. 344), a trawler, was built by Manitowoc Shipbuilding Co., Manitowoc,
Wis., in 1916; chartered by the Navy; and commissioned 19 April 1917, Lieutenant
M. F. Powers, USNRF, in command. Fitted out as a minesweeper, Comber carried out
minesweeping operations in the 1st and 2d Naval Districts, carried supplies, and
patrolled in the Newport area. During the spring and summer of 1918, Comber made
two voyages to Bermuda, convoying submarine chasers. After a brief tour of
minesweeping in the 4th Naval District, Comber returned to Boston for more of the
same operations. She was returned to her owners on 2 April 1919.

The name Comber was assigned to SS-527 on 5 May 1944, but construction was
canceled on 29 July 1944.

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