From: Dictionary of American Fighting Ships


Natural igneous rock formation, usually white, red, or grey, very hard and durable. Figuratively, unyielding firmness or endurance.

(Slp: t. 75; a. 1 32-pdr., 1 30-pdr.)

Granite, wooden sailing sloop, was transferred from Lighthouse Board 19 January 1862, and assigned to North Atlantic Blockading Station to Sound of North Carolina in Goldsborough's Expedition to Roanoke Island, Acting Master's Mate Ephraim Boomer in command.

She participated in the capture of Confederate works on Roanoke Island, N.C., 7-8 February 1862. For the remainder of the Civil War, she operated in the sounds of North Carolina.

Granite decommissioned at Washington 29 June 1865 and was returned to the Lighthouse Board.

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