From: Dictionary of American Fighting Ships

General Mifflin

Thomas Mifflin, born in Philadelphia, Pa., 10 January 1744, graduated from the College of Philadelphia at age 16 to become one of the youngest members of the First Continental Congress. He became Aide-de-Camp to Washington in 1775 and in August of that year was appointed Quartermaster General of the Continental Army. General Mifflin fought at the battles of Princeton and Trenton, in the defense of Philadelphia, and was promoted to Major General in 1777. Resigning from the Army after the war, he served in Congress from 1782 to 1784, presiding over it the last year. He then was elected Governor of Pennsylvania for three terms. A member of the state legislature from then on, he died 20 January 1800.


General Mifflin was a small sloop procured by General Washington in the spring of 1776. Upon arrival in New York in April, the general fitted out a small fleet of vessels for the protection of the local waters, General Mifflin among them. She cruised in the neighborhood of Long Island, often in company with sloop Montgomery, and captured several vessels, before her final disposition.


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