From: Dictionary of American Fighting Ships


A longwinged hawk.


(Sch: t. 80; cpl. 40; a. 1 32-pdr. car.)


Falcon was captured as the Mexican gunboat Isabel on 14 November 1846 at Tampico, and taken into the Navy, Lieutenant J. J. Glasson in command.

Operating throughout the remainder of the Mexican War with the Home Squadron in the Gulf of Mexico, Falcon took part in the amphibious operation at Vera Cruz from 9 to 25 March 1847. A force of over 10,000 troops was landed to attack the city and its guardian Castle of San Juan de Ulloa, and while the squadron fired upon the seaward fortifications, a naval battery of six heavy guns was landed to aid the troops. The garrison displayed a flag of truce on the 25th when the city walls were breached, and 4 days later American troops took possession of the city and the castle.

Falcon served on guard and patrol duty off the Mexican coast, and in April 1848 voyaged to New Orleans for supplies. She sailed from Campeche 18 July for New York, where she arrived 27 August and was decommissioned 4 September 1848. Falcon was sold 18 October 1848.


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