From: Dictionary of American Fighting Ships



A trial made to test a theory or a piece of equipment.


(Sch: t. 209; l. 90'; b. 21'6"; dr. 6'1")


The second Experiment, a schooner, was built in 1831 by the Washington Navy Yard; and sailed for tests in Chesapeake Bay in April 1832, Lieutenant W. Mervine in command.

Until the middle of 1833, Experiment cruised the Atlantic coast between Boston, Mass., and Charleston, S.C. After repairs at Norfolk, she sailed for the West Indies, returning to New York in June 1835. During the remaining 3 years of her cruising service, she was often used for surveying. From 1839 to 1848, when she was sold, she was in commission as a receiving ship at Philadelphia.


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