From: Dictionary of American Fighting Ships

Essex Junior



(Ship: cpl. 60; a. 10 6-pdr., 10 18-pdr. car.)


Essex Junior, formerly the British whaler Atlantic, was captured by the frigate Essex, Captain David Porter, USN, off the Galapagos Islands on 29 April 1813. She was converted into a cruiser, and placed under the command of Cdr. John Downes.

After cruising in the waters off the western coast of South America Essex Junior accompanied Essex to the island of Nukahiva in the Marquesas Group where repairs were made. Essex Junior returned with Porter in Essex to the coast of Chile on 12 January 1814. There in the neutral waters of Valparaiso Harbor they were attacked by the British frigates, Phoebe and Cherub mounting preponderate arms. Both ships were captured and Essex Junior was converted thereafter to a cartel to transport paroled prisoners of war to New York.

Arriving at New York in July 1814, she was seized by the marshal of the district, condemned, and sold on 26 August.


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