From: Dictionary of American Fighting Ships


A object used to allure, entice, or entrap.


(Sch: a. 6 guns)


Decoy, a schooner, was purchased 27 December 1822 by Commodore David Porter at New York under the name Zodiac. On 16 January 1823 she sailed from New York under the command of Lieutenant Lawrence Kearny to join the "Mosquito Fleet" in the West Indies. Newly organized by the Navy for the suppression of piracy in the West Indies, this force was composed of small shallow-draft ships capable of cruising close in shore and ascending rivers in carrying out their mission. Decoy was employed as a storeship carrying supplies from New York to the West Indies for this fleet until 22 December 1825 when she arrived at Norfolk Navy Yard. Decoy was sold early in January 1826.


Transcribed by Yves HUBERT