From: Dictionary of American Naval Fighting Ships


A companion, a husband or wife. In naval parlance, an accompanying vessel.

Brig: t. 230 a. 6 guns

The brig Consort was launched 29 October 1836 by Boston Navy Yard. Following a brief cruise off the Atlantic coast in 1837, Lieutenant J. Glynn in command, Consort served during 1838 as a Government packet between New York and Vera Cruz, Mexico. During 1840 and 1841 she made surveys along the southern coast of the United States and the following year served as receiving ship at Portland, Maine. During 1843 and 1844 she cruised off the west coast of Africa and along the Atlantic coast of the United States. Consort was sold at Norfolk, 25 May 1844 (in November 1844 ?).

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