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A tribe of Indians living principally around Lake Superior. Chippewa , Ontario, was the scene of a hard-fought battle won by the Americans 5 July 1814.


Brig: t. 410

dr. 16'6" cpl. 90 a. 14 x 32-pdr. car., 2 x 12-pdr.

 The second Chippewa was built in 1815 at Warren, R.I., under the direction of Commodore Oliver H. Perry, and sent to New York to be outfitted and manned.

Chippewa sailed from Boston, Mass., 3 July 1815, Lieutenant George C. Read in command, as a part of a squadron under the command of Commodore William Bainbridge. Before their arrival in the Mediterranean another squadron under the command of Commodore Stephen Decatur had succeeded in making peace with the Bey of Algiers. Bainbridge, after showing the flag in several ports in the Mediterranean, departed for home 6 October 1815. Upon her arrival at Boston, Chippewa was placed in ordinary.

Sailing from Boston 27 November 1816 for the Gulf of Mexico to join the frigate Congress, Chippewa ran aground on an uncharted reef in the Bahama Islands and sank 12 December 1816 without loss of life.

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