From: Dictionary of American Naval Fighting Ships, Vol. IV p 327


A wise teacher or loyal and trusted adviser ; in Greek mythology, the loyal adviser of Odysseus and teacher and guardian of his son, Telemachus.

(PYc--37: dp. 182; 1. 127'2" ; b, 21' ; dr. 6'4'' ; s. 16 k. ; cpl. 35; a. 1 8", 2 20mm., 2 dct.)

Mentor (PYc--37) was built as the yacht Haida by Robert Jacob, Inc., City Island, N.Y., in 1941 ; acquired by the Navy from her owner, Max C. Fleischman of Glenbrook. Nev., 9 April 1942 ; renamed Mentor 17 April 1942 ; converted for Navy use by Robert Jacob, Inc.: and commissioned at New York City 5 July 1942, Lt. William C. Hayes in command.

After shakedown along the New England coast. Mentor began patrol and escort duties under control of the eastern ea frontier. For more than a year she based at Tompkinsville, Staten Island, N.Y., while patrolling the approaches to New York Harbor, In addition, she escorted ships between the harbor and the convoy rendezvous off the east coast. On 18 November 1943 she reported for duty as a training ship at the Naval Reserve Midshipmen's School. Mentor decommissioned at New York City 19 January 1944. Placed in service the same day, she continued to provide officer training facilities for the next 16 months.

SC--1058 relieved Mentor of her training assignments 23 May 1945. Thence, the coastal patrol yacht steamed to New London, Conn., where she reported for duty with the Navy Underwater Sound Laboratory. Over the following 12 months she supported underwater research and development projects off the east coast to improve ASW sound and detection devices. Mentor was placed out of service at New London 29 August 1946. Subsequently, she was loaned to the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, Woods Hole, Mass. Between 1946 and 1950 she provided valuable at sea research facilities during various oceanographic studies by the institution. Her support to the WHOI missions carried her from New England to gulf coast waters.

Mentor was returned to the Navy at Newport, R.I., 18 May 1950. The Chief of Naval Operations approved her for disposal 18 June 1951. and her name was struck from the Navy list 17 July 1951. She was sold to the World Surplus Trading Co., Inc., of Honolulu, Hawaii, 19 May 1952.