From: Dictionary of American Naval Fighting Ships, Vol. IV p 186


A city in Blbb County In central Georgia, named for Gen. Nathniel Macon, U.S. Senator from North Carolina, 13 December 1815 to 14 November 1828. during the Era of Good Feeling.

(PF--96: dpl. 1,430; 1. 303'11'' ; b. 37'6" ; dr. 12' ; s. 18k.: a. 3 3"; cl. Tacoma)

The name Macon was assigned to PF-96 on 30 Angust 1943 ; but naval acquisition of the Tacoma-class frigate to be built by American Shipbuilding Co., Lorain, Ohio, under a Maritime Commission contract was canceled 31 December 1948.