From: Dictionary of American Naval Fighting Ships, Vol.VIII p 180


Borough in the southwestern corner of Pennsylvania about 26 miles west of Uniontown. It is the county seat of Greene County.

(PC--777: dp. 280; 1. 173'8"; b. 23'0" ; dr. 10'10"; s. 20.2 k. (tl.) ; cpl. 65; a. 1 3", 1 40mm., 2 dct., 2 dcp.; cl. PC--461)

PC--777 was laid down on 7 September 1042 at Portland, Oreg., by the Commercial Iron Works; launched on 12 November 1942 ; sponsored by Miss Eleanor Whitgrove ; and commissioned on 5 April 1943, Lt. Coleman H. Smith, USNR, in command.

Immediately following her commissioning, PC--777 got underway for San Pedro, Calif., where she reported for duty with the Small Craft Training Center at Terminal Island. Following shakedown training, she became a school ship attached to the training center. For the remainder of World War II, she prepared crews for various types of small craft--patrol craft, small minecraft, and certain types of yard craft. In addition to her primary duty as a school ship, PC--777 also served in Task Groups 14.2 and 14.3. In the first instance, she conducted air-sea rescue operations and, in the second, investigated reports of possible enemy submarine activity off the California coast.

Late in September 1945, PC--777 departed San Pedro with orders to report to the Atlantic Fleet for inactivation at St. Johns River, Fla. She steamed via the Panama Canal and Key West and reached the Jacksonville area on 25 November. She remained at the St. Johns River facility while the authorities contemplated what would happen to the great surfeit of ships in the immediate postwar period. At different times between November 1945 and June 1946, she was slated for decommissioning and assignment to the Reserve Fleet at Green Cove Springs, then for an active assignment training reservists in the 9th Naval District, The records are unclear, but it appears that PC--777 was decommissioned on 26 April 1946 and retained "in service." Ultimately, however, she received orders to duty as a reserve training ship for the 6th Naval District. She began that duty at Charleston, S.C., in July 1946, but, by December, had been shifted to the reserve battalion at Savannah, Ga.

For the remainder of her active career, PC--777 conducted training cruises out of Savannah for members of the Naval Reserve, During the next three years, she visited ports along the east coast as far north as New York, but she called most frequently at Charleston and Savannah. Early in 1950, she received orders to report to Norfolk, Va., for inactivation and assignment to the Atlantic Reserve Fleet. She began inactivation overhaul at the Norfolk Naval Shipyard on 6 March 1950 and was placed out of service on 28 April. She was berthed with the Norfolk Group, Atlantic Reserve Fleet, and remained there for nine years. On 15 February 1956, she was named Waynesburg, On 1 April 1959, her name was struck from the Navy list. Presumably, she was subsequently sold for scrapping.