From: Dictionary of American Naval Fighting Ships, Vol. IV p 161


A city in Michigan.

(PC--1079 ; dp. 280 ; 1. 173'8" ; b. 23' ; dr. 8' ; s. 22 k. ; cpl. 50; a. 1 8", 1 40mm., 5 20mm., 2 rkt., 2 dcp., 2 dct. ; cl PC--465)

PC--1079 was laid down by Albina Engine & Machine Works 29 April 1942 ; launched 25 August ; sponsored by Mrs. Claude Butler and commissioned 7 March 1942, Lt. Roland Nans Cramer in command.

Assigned to antisubmarine patrol out of Neak Bay, Wash., PC--1079 operated along the northwest coast of the United States until late June. Sailing on the 23d as escort for merchant ships, she arrived Dutch Harbor, Alaska, 6 days later. From July 1943 until June 1944, PC--1079 operated in antisubmarine patrol and escort duty out of Alaska, Hawaii, and Midway Island.

Departing Maalaea Bay, Hawaii, 25 May, the submarine chaser steamed for the Marshall Islands, arriving Eniwetok 7 June. Two days later she sailed with units of the American Fleet en route to Saipan for the Invasion of this strategic base in the Marianas. Arriving off Red Beach on the 15th. PC--1079 operated as control ship and antiaircraft screen during the early days of the campaign. In the following weeks she remained on constant vigil for enemy aircraft and ships, while patrolling the area between Saipan and the Marshalls.

From July 1944 to March 1945 PC--1079 continued patrol and convoy escort duty in the Marianas, as one by one the islands fell into American hands. For the rest of the war the subchaser performed similar duties in the central Pacific, Okinawa, and the Philippines. Following the victorious conclusion of the Pacific war, PC--1079 remained in the Far East, to assist the occupation forces in Korea and China.

After returning to the United States she decommissioned at Puget Sound, Wash., March 1946 and joined the Pacific Reserve Fleet. PC--1079 was named Ludington, 15 February 1956. She was struck from the Navy list 1 July 1960. Ludington was sold to Marine Power & Equipment Co., Seattle, Wash., 13 March 1961.

PC--1079 received two battle stars for World War II service.