From: Dictionary of American Fighting Ships

Governor Williams

Benjamin Williams was born near Smithfield, N.C., 1 January 1751. He served in the North Carolina Provincial Congress 1774-75 and was a captain during the Revolutionary War. After serving in the North Carolina Senate, he was elected to the House of Representatives of the United States, serving 1793-1795. Williams was elected Governor of North Carolina 1709 1802 and 1807-1808, died in Moore County, N.C., 20 July 1814.

(Gy: l. 52'; b. 15'; dph. 5'8"; cpl. 28; a. 1 24-pdr., 5-6 how.)

Governor Williams was one of a group of galleys built at Wilmington, N.C., in 1798. These small vessels, authorized by Congress 4 May 1798, were built and equipped by the Navy Department but operated by the War Department as a kind of Naval Militia.

During the Quasi-War with France 1798-1801 Governor Williams cruised the coasts and inlets of North Carolina under Lawrence Dorsey, who held the rank of "Captain of a Galley." After this service in defense of the coast of North Carolina, she was transferred to the Department of the Treasury Revenue Cutter Service in 1802.

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