From: Dictionary of American Naval Fighting Ships, Vol. I p 38


Pedro de Alvarado (1495--1541) was Cortez's lieutenant during the conquest of Mexico. He conquered Guatemala and served as governor of Guatemala and Honduras.

(PG: dp. 106 ; 1. 116'10''; b. 16'7'' ; dr. 6'4'' ; s. 19 k. ; cpl. 83; a. 1 57 mm., 1 37 mm, ; cl. Alvarado)

Alvarado, a gunboat, was built in 1895 by Clydebank Engine and Shipbuilding Co., Clydebank, Scotland, for the Spanish Navy. She was captured by the United States 17 July 1898 and commissioned 4 August 1898, Lieutenant V. Blue in command.

Alvarado assisted in the bombardment and capture of Manzanillo, Cuba, 12 August 1898. After the Spanish-- American War she sailed north and was decommissioned at Portsmouth Navy Yard, 10 May 1899. Recommissioned 20 September 1900, she served on the North Atlantic Station on patrol and recruiting duty and, from 1901 to 1906, as a training vessel at the Academy. Decommissioned at Norfolk Navy Yard, 22 March 1906, she was transferred to the Louisiana Naval Militia as a training vessel 16 November 1906. Alvarado served with the Militia until 21 May 1911 and was sold at Morgan City, La., 10 June 1912.