From: Dictionary of American Naval Fighting Ships


An archaic spelling of Comanche, the Indian tribe of Texas.


Monitor: t. 800 l. 200' b. 46'

dr. 11' cpl. 76 a. 2 x 15" sb.

cl. Passaic

Camanche, a monitor, was built in 1863 by Secor Brothers, Jersey City, N.J. and disassembled and shipped to California on board Aquila, which sank at her dock in San Francisco 14 November 1863. Salvaged from Aquila's hulk, Camanche was assembled at San Francisco, launched 14 November 1864; and commissioned 22 August 1865, Lieutenant Commander C. J. McDougal in command.

Laid up at Mare Island throughout most of her career, Camanche served as a training ship for the California Naval Militia in 1896 and 1897 She was sold at Mare Island 22 March 1899.

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