From: Dictionary of American Naval Fighting Ships


Any of numerous shore-inhabiting birds that differ from the sandpipers in their short, hard tipped bill and usually stouter, more compact build.

(YMS-442: dp. 215, 1. 136', b. 24'6", dr. 6'1'', s. 12 k., cpl. 50; a. 1 3", 2 20mm., 2 dct., 2 dcp.; cl. YMS-136)

YMS-442 was laid down 12 October 1943 by Hiltebrant Dry Dock Co., Kingston, N.Y., launched 20 April 1944. completed 13 October and delivered to the Navy 14 October 1944.

YMS-442 departed Brooklyn, N.Y., and operated in the Okinawa area as an escort vessel during the autumn of 1945. Until spring 1946, she cleared shipping lanes off Japan, Korea, and China. Back from the Pacific, she provided occasional service to the Mine Warfare School, Yorktown, Va., during 1946 and into 1948.

YMS-442 became Plover (AMS-33) on 18 February 1947. In July 1948 she assisted in survey work off Labrador. From late 1948 to 1956 she assisted the Navy Mine Defense Laboratory, Panama City, Fla. Reclassified MSC(O)-33 on 7 February 1955, she became a naval reserve training ship in November 1956. She served the 4th Naval District, Philadelphia, and in 1961 the 6th Naval District, Charleston. Following these assignments, Plover was struck from the Naval Vessel Register 1 October 1968.