From: Dictionary of American Naval Fighting Ships


Conquest is the act of conquering or the thing conquered.


MSO - 488: dp. 630 l. 172' b. 36' dr. 10' s. 16 k. cpl. 72 a. 1 x 40mm cl. Agile

The third Conquest (AM-488) was launched 20 May 1954 by Martinac Shipbuilding Corp., Tacoma, Wash.; sponsored by Mrs. C. D. Henderson; reclassified MSO-488, 7 February 1955; and commissioned 20 July 1955, Lieutenant E. L. Davis in command.

One of a new type of nonmagnetic minesweepers, Conquest remained operating out of Long Beach on trials and training until 2 October 1956. She sailed to Acapulco, Mexico, for a good will visit from 10 to 14 October, then returned to Long Beach to prepare for her first tour of duty in the Far East. Sailing 4 March 1957, Conquest visited Chinhae, Korea; Kaohsuing, Formosa, for operations with the Navy of the Republic of China; Hong Kong, British Crown Colony; and various ports in Japan before returning to Long Beach 13 September 1957 for overhaul. During 1958 she operated locally out of Long Beach and conducted a series of minesweeping exercises at Esquimalt, Nootka Sound, and Vancouver, British Columbia, from 6 October to 19 November. Between 17 August 1959 and 13 March 1960, she again served in the Far East, returning to local operations through June 1960.

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