From: Dictionary of American Naval Fighting Ships


A bird related to the sparrow and finch. They breed in the Arctic and winter over a large part of the United States.

(AMc-10: dp. 200; 1. 81'2"; b. 21'; dr. 4'8"; s. 10 k.; a. 2 .30 cal. mg.)

The first Longspur (AMc-10) was built by Martinac Shipbuilding Co., Tacoma, Wash., as New Ambassador in 1935; acquired by the Navy 30 October 1940; converted by South Coast Co., Newport Beach, Calif.; and placed in service 11 April 1941.

Arriving in the Canal Zone 22 May, Longspur operated in the 15th Naval District for the next 3 years. She pertormed coastal minesweeping, patrolled the entrance to the Panama Canal, and escorted ships approaching the canal. Returning to San Diego 5 July 1944 Longspur was placed out of service 12 August and delivered to WSA 12 July 1945 for return to her owner.