From: Dictionary of American Naval Fighting Ships


(AM-445: dp. 620; 1. 172'; b. 36'; dr. 10', s. 16 k.; cpl. 74; a. 1 40 mm.; cl. Agile)

The second Force (AM-445) was launched 26 June 1953 by J. M. Martinac Shipbuilding Corp., Tacoma Wash.; sponsored by Mrs. T. D. Wilson, and commissioned 4 January 1955, Lieutenant J. W. Boller in command. She was redesignated MSO-445 on 7 February 1955.

Force reported to Mine Force, Pacific Fleet, at Long Beach, Calif., 20 January 1955, and sailed along the California coast in training exercises until 1 May 1956. She departed then for her first tour of duty in the Far East, during which she made a good will cruise of ports in the northern islands of Japan, as well as training with ships of the Chinese Nationalist Navy.Damaged by typhoons in August, she was repaired at Sasebo and Yokosuka, and returned to Long Beach 15 November.

Special operations took Force to the Canal Zone between 30 August 1957 and 6 December. She returned to Long Beach for exercises and preparations for her next deployment to the 7th Fleet, completed between 3 November 1958 and 1 June 1959. During this time she again trained with Chinese ships, as well as the Korean and Thai navies. On 2 November, she sailed with her division and Greer County (LST-799) for combined amphibious and minesweeping exercises out of Kodiak, Alaska; in these operations her group was joined by ships of the Royal Canadian Navy. During these maneuvers Force collected hydrographic data, and served as home base for an explosive ordnance demolition team. She returned by way of Vancouver, British Columbia, and San Francisco to Long Beach 16 December 1959. In February 1960 Force was on station for missile nosecone recovery duty and during the balance of the year participated in exercise " Steeple Jack," a "Phiblex 60" exercise and local operations.