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Firm or steadfast.


AM - 427: dp. 620 l. 172' b. 36' dr. 10' s. 15 k. cpl. 74 a. 1 x 40mm. cl. Agile

The second Constant (AM-427) was launched 14 February 1953 by Fulton Shipyard, Antioch, Calif.; sponsored by Mrs. D. A. Webster; commissioned 8 September 1954, Lieutenant Commander R. M. Weymer in command; and reported to the Pacific Fleet.

Reclassified MSO-427 on 7 February 1955, Constant operated on the west coast until she cleared Long Beach 4 January 1956 for Pearl Harbor and Yokosuka, arriving 4 February. She joined in amphibious exercises at Iwo Jima, made repairs to cables and conducted minesweeping and local operations from her base at Sasebo until 28 March. Between 2 April and 19 May, she sailed in training exercises with naval forces of the Republic of China based on Kaohsiung, Taiwan. She returned to Sasebo 20 April to resume operations in Japanese waters until 19 May, when she cleared Yokosuka for Long Beach, arriving 15 June. After overhaul and west coast operations, Constant sailed from Long Beach 2 June 1958, for Sasebo and duty in minesweeping off Okinawa, as well as other local operations from 3 July to 30 August. She stood by at Taiwan from 2 September until 27 October during the Quemoy Crisis, then called at Hong Kong, before returning to Japan. She cleared Yokosuka 12 December for Long Beach arriving 6 January 1959. Through the remainder of 1959, and the first half of 1960, she operated locally from Long Beach. On 31 August Constant sailed for duty in the Far East, where she remained into 1961.

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