From: Dictionary of American Naval Fighting Ships


A superintendent, supervisor

Originally laid down on 7 September 1942, by General Engineering & Drydock Co., Alameda, Calif., as HMS Elfreda (BAM-16), she was renamed USS Overseer and reclassified AM-321 on 23 January 1943. Launched 25 January 1943, she reverted to the name and classification HMS Elfreda (BAM-16) on 19 June 1943. Completed 22 December 1943, she was transferred to England 22 December 1943 as HMS Elfreda (J-402). Returned to the U.S. Navy 30 June 1947, she was sold to the Turkish Navy 13 Nov. 1947 and commissioned as Cesme (M-505). She served as a Minesweeper until 1964, when she was rerated as a Headquarters Ship and reclassified A-595. She serves in this capacity into 1970.