The first English colony in America and one of the original 13 states. Virginia ratified the constitution on 26 June 1788 to become the 10th state to enter the Union.

(SL: t. 2,633, lbp. 197'1-1/2"; b. 53', dph. 22', cpl. 820; a. 74 guns; cl. North Carolina)

The next Virginia was one of nine, 74-gun warships authorized by Congress on 29 April 1816. She was laid down at the Boston Navy Yard, Mass., in May 1822, finished about 1825; and was kept on the stocks as naval policy and the expense involved disc ouraged launching or commissioning the "74s" except when the national interest clearly required it. Virginia remained on the stocks at Boston until she was broken up there starting in 1874.