New Orleans

Largest city of Louisiana, New Orleans was the scene of Andrew Jackson's great victory at the close of the War of 1812, in which small naval forces under Commodore David Patterson played a large role, and of a key naval action in the Civil War, in which A dmiral David Farragut opened the southern Mississippi to Union forces.

(SL: t. 2,805, 1. 204' (keel), b. 56'; a. 63 long 32-pdrs., 24 32-pdrs.)

 [THUMBNAIL] Ship-of-the-line New Orleans on the stocks with a portion of the boathouse remaining, Sackett's Harbor, Ontario, N.Y. Said to have been "run up" in 42 days, construction ceased when peace with England came in March 1815. She remained on the building ways until sold, 24 September 1883.

New Orleans, a ship-of-the-line, was laid down in January 1815 by Henry Eckford and Adam and Noah Brown at Sacketts Harbor, N.Y. Her building was halted upon conclusion of peace with Great Britain, and she remained on the stocks, housed over , until sold 24 September 1883 to H. Wilkinson, Jr., of Syracuse, N.Y.