From: Dictionary of American Naval Fighting Ships, Vol.IV- p408


A North American Indian tribe, part of the Iroquois Confederation, which originally dwelt in the Mohawk River Valley, N.Y., but was forced to flee to Canada for having sided with the Loyalists during the American Revolution.

(WPG-78: dp. 1,000 ; 1. 165' ; b. 38' ; dr. 13'7'' ; s. 13 k. ; cpl. 60; a.2 3'')

The fifth Mohawk (WPG-78). a Coast Guard cutter was built by Pusey & Jones Corp., Wilmington, Del., and launched 1 October 1934. First assigned patrol and general icebreaking duties on the Hudson and Delaware Rivers, the outbreak of war found her stationed at Cape May. N.J. In accordance with Executive Order No. 89~29 of 1 November 1941, Mohawk was directed to serve as part of the naval forces. Assigned North Atlantic escort operations, she launched a total of 14 attacks against sublmarine contacts between 27 August 1942 and 8 April 1945.

Highlights of her at-sea rescue operations included the 27 August 1942 rescue of 293 survivors from USAT (Chatham and the 22 November rescue of 24 men from SS Barberry, Mohawk assumed ice patrol duties 25 May to 14 August 1945, and was directed to return to Treasury

Department jurisdiction 1 January 1948.