From: Dictionary of American Naval Fighting Ships, Vol.IV- p465


Any of several evergreen shrubs of the family Myrtaceae having solitary white or pinkish flowers and dark-colored berries. The second, third and fourth Myrtles retained their former names.

(WAGL-263: dp. 186 ; 1. 93' ; b. 23' ; dr. 7'3'' ; s. 8 k. ; cpl. 9)

The fourth Myrtle (WAGL-263) was built in 1932 at Dubque, Iowa, as a lighthouse and buoy tender and assigned permanent station at Corpus Christi, Tex. She was acquired from the Lighthouse Service in 1939 when that service became part of the Coast Guard.

Executive Order 8929 of 1 November 1941 transferred the entire Coast Guard to the Navy. Myrtle continued service as a buoy tender In gulf waters until 1 January 1946, when she returned to the Treasury Department. Decommissioned 8 February 1963, she transferred to the Atlantic Reserve Fleet Facility, Orange, Tex. She was sold to the Waterman Supply Co., 19 May 1904.