From: Dictionary of American Naval Fighting Ships, Vol.V - p 11


A daffodil whose blossoms have a short corona and are borne separately; a beautiful youth in Greek legend who, after pining away for love of his own image, was transformed into the flower which hears his name.

(WAGL-238: dr. 342; 1. 122'; b. 28'; dr. 8'; e. 10.3 k.; cpl. 17)

Narcissus was built for the Coast Guard by Marine Iron and Shipbuilding Corporation, Duluth, Minn. in 1939. Designed as a navigational aid tender, she was assigned to Wilmington, N.C, In 1940 she transferred to Portsmouth, Va.

Executive Order 8929 of 1 November 1941 transferred the Coast Guard to the Navy. Through the war years Narcissus continued to serve as a large inland buoy tender, operating out of Portsmouth. When the Coast Guard returned to the Treasury Department 1 January 1946, the tender remained in an active status. Through 1970 she has continued her buoy tending duties from her permanent station at Portsmouth.