From: Dictionary of American Naval Fighting Ships, Vol.VI - p 676


Any of a genus Helianthus of plants of the aster family, having large yellow-rayed flower heads and bearing seeds which serve as stock food and which yield an edible oil.

(Str: dp. 728; 1. 174'; b. 31'; dr. 9'8''; s. 10 k.; cpl. 33; a. 2 3'', 2 mg.)

The second Sunflower was built in 1907 at Wilmington, Del. ; and was owned and operated by the United States Lighthouse Service. She was transferred to the War Department by an order dated 24 April 1917.

Sunflower was subsequently utilized by the Navy as a tender and assigned to the 2d Naval District until 1919. On 1 July 1919, she was returned to the Lighthouse Service.