From: Dictionary of American Naval Fighting Ships, Vol.IV- p96

Levi Woodbury

A former name retained. Levi Woodbury was Secretary of the Treasury of the United States 1834--40.


Levi Woodbury was one of 11 cutters of the Revenue Cutter Service assigned to cooperate with the Army and Navy during the war with Mexico. In 1846 she assisted the Navy by performing blockade and towing duties, and transporting troops and ammunition to strategic points off the Gulf of Mexico. During this period Levi Woodbury remained under the jurisdiction of the Treasury Department..


(Str.:l. 130' ; b. 27. ; dr. 5')

The second Levi Woodbury, ex-Mahoning, a revenue cutter, was taken over by the Navy 24 March 1898 under Executive order to serve during the Spanish-American War. For the next 5 months she operated under Navy command, performing coastal patrol duties until returned to the Treasury Department 17 August 1898.