From: Dictionary of American Naval Fighting Ships, Vol.IV- p82


Former names retained.

(ScStr: t. 364 ; 1. 160' ; b. 24' ; dr. 9'9'' ; a. 1 long iron 18-pdr., 1 brass 12-pdr., 1 brass 9-pdr., 2 brass 4-pdrs.)

Legare, a screw steamer, was built in 1843 by R. and G. L. Schuyler, New York, for the Revenue Cutter Service ; and placed in service May 1844, Capt. H. G. Nones in command.

In May 1846, Legare was one of the 11 revenue cutters assigned to cooperate with the Army and Navy during the Mexican War. In 1846 she assisted in towing, blockading, and transporting troops and ammunition to points in the Gulf of Mexico. During this period she remained under the jurisdiction of the Treasury Department.